Monday, May 16, 2016

Sweet True Love - Vow Renewal


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From the Bride Heather Jane.....
Nathan and I met thirteen years ago. At first we hated each other. I thought he was arrogant, and he thought I was, well, it rhymes with the word "itch" and begins with a "b." But then love kicked in and turned our worlds up-side-down. What I thought was arrogance, was in actuality, confidence and what he thought was rudeness was my overwhelming need to run to the aid of those in need. And the rest is written in the book of love.
A few months ago, we were asked to help out a few friends in the wedding industry with a bridal event. They needed a mock bride and groom and asked Nathan and I to be a part of the event. The chance to marry my best friend all over again...yes please! At first, we thought we may just go through the motions but once we started the process, it was so much fun that we couldn't help but be excited to marry each other all over again.
The real fun came when we met with Michelle Rene. She measured us and away we went! It's honestly amazing to see a piece of cloth cut into pieces, held together by pins and eventually sown together with such love, precision and passion. What once was a bolt of fabric, soon became the most enchantingly beautiful gown in my eyes.
That day, the day I married my best-friend for the second time, was so special and unique. Every detail, from my hand stitched, one-of-a-kind gown and the personalized fitting that same day, to our friends and family, the beautiful makeup and sweet treats, all made for a fairytale day.

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